Welcome to Orienteering!

The primary objective of our club, Club Colmenar, is to encourage, promote and coordinate the sport of Orienteering within its members. We have many members from other countries, so here is a selection in English that we hope will help you to get to know this great sport.

A series of videos from Orienteering Australia, to showcase how to do foot orienteering. Foot orienteering refers to all types of orienteering that does not involve extra equipment, such as a bike, to enable a competitor to take part. The following series of videos are designed to give a beginner an overview of how to orienteer.

1. How To Get Ready: Registration

2. How To Get Ready For Your Start

3. How To Start Your Course

4. How To Read The Map

5. How To Use The Compass

6. How To Find Your Checkpoint

7. Finish Procedures

8. Route Choice

9. How To Speed Up Through Checkpoints

10. Things You Need To Know

We hope you enjoy them!

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